Thread Locking

Thread Locking

OODA Bond - thread locking adhesive working with "anaerobic technology liquid cures in absence of air presence of metal irons". Our thread locker is a thin, single-component adhesive, applied to the threads of fasteners such as screws and bolts to prevent loosening, leakage, and corrosion.

Our thread-locking formulas are Anerobic Technology and methacrylate-based and rely on the electrochemical activity of a metal substrate to cause polymerization of the fluid. Thread-locking fluid is thixotropic, which allows it to flow well over time, yet still resist shocks and vibrations. It can be permanent or removable; in the latter case, it can be removed with heat, for example. Typically, brands are color-coded to indicate strength and whether they can be removed.


An thread-locking fluids are methacrylate-based, and cure anaerobically. Thread-locking fluid is a thixotropic fluid: under shear stress, it exhibits a time-dependent decrease in viscosity. This allows it to flow well over time, yet still resist short-duration shearing, as in vibration or shock.

Typical properties of thread-locking fluids

Type Typical color code Torque to break free Torque to continue turning Temperature range
Low strength Purple 62 in-lb (7 N-m) 27 in-lb (3 N-m) −54 to 149 °C
Medium strength Blue 115 in-lb (12 N-m) 53 in-lb (6 N-m) −54 to 149 °C
Medium strength surface insensitive Blue 180 in-lb (20 N-m) 62 in-lb (7 N-m) −54 to 149 °C
High strength Red 230 in-lb (25 N-m) 225 in-lb (25 N-m) −54 to 149 °C
High temperature Red 180 in-lb (20 N-m) 270 in-lb (30 N-m) −54 to 232 °C
Penetrating Green 90 in-lb (10 N-m) 310 in-lb (35 N-m) −54 to 149 °C


Thread-locking fluid may be applied before or after assembly, depending on the type. Threadlockers are available in "permanent" and "removable" formulas, with heavy-duty permanent threadlockers rated to withstand as much as 3,000 psi (21 MPa) in shear. Some threadlockers are removable with the application of heat. Many brands use color-coded labeling to indicate each type's strength and whether it is permanent or removable.

Because thread locking adhesives typically rely on the electrochemical activity of a metal substrate to form a bond, substrates often require thorough cleaning, and in the case of less electrochemically active metals such as aluminium, priming.

Lock washers, locknuts, jam nuts, and safety wire may be used in conjunction with thread-locking fluid to prevent loosening of bolted joints.

Because electrochemical activity is one of the two triggers that cause polymerization of the threadlocker fluid, care must be taken to avoid contaminating the entire container of threadlocker with threadlocker that has had contact with metal, otherwise the material in the container may polymerize.

Product Varients & Applications

  • 2822 - OODA Low strength threadlocker designed to lock nuts and screws. Prevents vibration loosening and leakage through the threads
  • 2842 - OODA Medium strength, fast cure threadlocker designed to lock all nuts and bolts. Prevents vibration loosening and leakage through threads
  • 2843 - OODA Oiltolerent - Medium-high strength general purpose threadlocker designed to lock nuts and bolts. Prevents vibration loosening and leakage through the threads. Can be un-done with hand tools.
  • 2862 - OODA High strength threadlocker designed to lock nuts and bolts. Used for mounting bolts, housing screws, etc.
  • 2870 - OODA High strength permanent threadlocker. Used for applications where maximum strength is needed, e.g., larger threaded fasteners and studs. Excellent resistant properties.
  • 2871 & 2872 - OODA High strength, fast cure, permanent threadlocker, highly resistant to heat, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons, and many chemicals.
  • 2890 - OODA Medium-high strength, fast curing, penetrating/wicking threadlocker, used mainly to wick into pre-assembled parts. Ideal as a porosity sealant for cast components


  • Our Product Prevent unwanted movement or loosening
  • Our Product Prevent leaks
  • Our Product Prevents corrosion between the threads
  • Our Product Resist vibration
  • Our Product Prevents loss of clamp load
  • Our Product Single-component – clean and easy to apply
  • Our Product Can be used on all sizes of fasteners – reducing inventory costs
  • Our Product Seal threads – allow through-hole tapping

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