Structural Adhesives

Structural Adhesives

OODA Bond one and two component structural adhesives offer remarkable bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates. These compounds produce assemblies mechanically equivalent or stronger than conventional metal fastened parts at lower cost and weight. They also feature protection against corrosion and high/low temperature exposure.

OODA Bond is structural adhesives are available in easy-to-use packages for hand-held, manual and semi-automated applications, including cartridges, syringes, soft-squeeze bottles and dual cartridges for two-part formulations. OODA Bond structural adhesives are also offered in larger packages such as 5- or 55-gallon pails for high volume dispensing and automated assembly operations.

Structural Adhesive Benefits:
  • OODA Bond Elimination or significant reduction of costly mechanical fastening methods
  • OODA Bond Improved aesthetics compared to mechanical fasteners
  • OODA Bond Fast processing speeds
  • OODA Bond Reduction in labor costs
  • OODA Bond Filling of large gaps between parts
  • OODA Bond User-friendly packaging

Key Advantages of ooda Bond Structural Adhesives:

  • OODA Bond Even distribution of stress over the entire bonded surface
  • OODA Bond Improved load bearing capacity
  • OODA Bond Insulator against galvanic corrosion in metal assemblies
  • OODA Bond Enhanced structural appearance—protrusions and punctures eliminated
  • OODA Bond Protective sealing against contamination by liquids and gases
  • OODA Bond Weight reduction
  • OODA Bond Resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • OODA Bond High peel and shear strength properties
  • OODA Bond Solvent free
  • OODA Bond Lower cost and increased productivity
  • OODA Bond High glass transition temperatures (Tg)
  • OODA Bond Superior moisture and chemical resistance
  • OODA Bond Gap filling
  • OODA Bond Superior durability and toughness

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