Rubber Based Adhesives

Rubber Based Adhesives

Our product is rubber-based adhesive systems are composed of natural or synthetic elastomers that have been tackified by the addition of various resins. These cost effective adhesives have good tack and shear properties and offer good adhesion to materials with both high- and low-surface energy. These are less suited for use under prolonged UV exposure, solvent contact or elevated temperature conditions.

OODA Bond rubber-based solutions comprise a range of sophisticated technologies – from cold seal products, to admixtures for floors and screeds - we have applied our chemical expertise to rubber-based adhesives for many years, and continue to stay ahead of the curve.

Whether it's rubber latex, a rubber butyl based hot melt or a styrene-butadiene rubber, we research and manufacturer all types of rubber-based adhesive products found in packaging, flooring, and ventilation systems.

The strength in our rubber adhesive range comes from its impressive compatibility and versatility. These beneficial characteristics allow our R&D teams to produce a broad range of rubber-based compounds, formulating rubber adhesives that contain water, solvents, thermoplastic, and high amounts of solids.

Our rubber adhesives grant users great speed and efficiency in the bonding process, as well as increasing the resistant capabilities and toughness of bonds. Whether it's increasing the heat resistance of laminated plastics for the marine industry, or improving the production line speed of a wholesale food supplier, our rubber adhesive products are the smart choice.

  • OODA Bond Available in curing and non-curing systems
  • OODA Bond Bonds wide range of substrates
  • OODA Bond Green strength in short span
  • OODA Bond Good electrical resistance
  • OODA Bond Good weather-ability
  • OODA Bond Non- toxic and non-corrosive

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