MS Polimer & PU Sealants

MS Polimer & PU Sealants

OODA MS Polymer adhesives offer high strength, flexible bonding of many dissimilar materials. They are a high performance hybrid adhesive with the sealing and chemical resistance of a silicone and the strength and longevity of a polyurethane. Our MS Polymer range of products contain no VOC's, are Isocyanate free and are resistant to most chemicals. They cure by the absorption of surface and atmospheric moisture over a 24 hour period.

Modified silanes adhesives were developed and launched in Japan during the 80's, due to the great advantage of these elastic adhesive compared to polyurethane adhesives, its use is highly increase both Europe and America markets.

Modified silanes are one component adhesives which react and cure under the action of moisture, during its curing process by polycondensation this type of adhesives emit methanol and once cured acquire elastic properties and typical strength of an elastomeric material.

Depending on the chemical backbone or resin composition of the adhesive, on the market exist two types of modified silanes:

  • Polyether modified silanes
  • Polyurethane modified silanes

Polyether modified silanes are less resistent and more elastic compare with polyurethane modified silanes, latter are also known as hybrid polyurethanes.

Modified silanes – Polyurethane modified silanes and ms polymer

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Are elastic and flexible material
  • Tensile strength between 1 and 4 MPa, there silane modified based epoxy that can reach 8 Mpa.
  • Maximum elongation of 100% to 300%.

Chemical properties:

  • Very good resistance to ultraviolet.
  • They can be painted, even shortly be applied (wet on wet).
  • Adhere to a wide range of materials (metal, ceramic and plastic) without primers or activators.
  • Not contain isocyanates, improving health job.

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