R & D Lab

OODA BOND Research & Development

The on-site R&D staff and facilities in chennai, India are dedicated to adhesive formulation and product development. With a full staff of project managers, scientists, chemists and process engineers, our R&D team formulates new adhesive technologies and constructions to transform our customers' product concepts into commercial realities.

Our R&D facilities provide the equipment and resources to develop lab-scale product prototypes while simulating commercial manufacturing conditions. Adhesive polymerization and mixing, release liner development, coat weight, product thickness and drying times are all simulated to give our customers' prototypes the required performance characteristics.

Our on-site laboratories and product development capabilities include:

Analytical Laboratory – provides our scientists with the analytical capabilities to quantify key attributes for product characterization during the development and production of commercial materials. This lab also supports quality control efforts through the development and validation of test methods.

In addition to physical testing, our analytical capabilities include:

  • Separation technologies
  • Spectroscopy
  • Thermal/rheology technologies
  • Surface analytics and microscopy
  • Moisture analysis

Polymerization Laboratory – lab-scale reactors produce new adhesive formulations that may be added to our core technology offering.  Approved formulations are then produced on commercial reactors.

Liner Release Laboratory – often a critical component to final product performance, release liners are developed and tested for coat weights, release performance and extractable materials.

Mixing & Coating Laboratory – existing adhesive technologies are mixed, coated onto substrates and then dried in conditions to simulate commercial manufacturing to achieve the desired performance properties. Product prototypes then undergo physical and analytical testing prior to being sent to our customer for evaluation.

Class 10,000 Clean-Room Laboratory – equipped with high-filtration systems and controls for approved garment use, this lab provides a particulate-free environment for coating sensitive materials.