Injection Moulding Spray

Injection Moulding Spray

OODA Bond spary lubricants for the rubber and plastic industry, apart from factors like high pressure and high temperature, compatibility becomes an important criterion. It is also important that the moulds and parts are adequately protected to avoid corrosion. With the large number of production cycles and speed of production, it is important that the proper lubricant be applied for the maintenance ensuring you spent less time on maintenance and more on production.

Mould Release Agent Silicone Free, chlorinated solvent free
Mould Release Agent

  • Clean separation of plastic material from the mould - in processing of printed / painted plastics. Can also be used in the welding industry (electric and shielded arc welding)
  • As an anti-spatter spray
  • As a nozzle spray to increase the durability of the welding nozzles and avoid obstructions of the pistol orifices in the automatic welding installations.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Ensures metallizing without any difficulties of adhesion
  • Allows easy painting and printing on plastic components and parts
  • The thin film ensures that the probability of stains is minimal
  • The silicon free nature ensures adherence of paint / ink
  • Environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful chlorinated solvents - Particularly relevant in export of plastic components to Europe, where components manufactured with materials containing chlorinated solvents are banned.
  • Economy of time in welding applications as an Anti Spatter
  • Optimum Surface Coverage - 50 sft. per can

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