OODA  anaerobic Gasketing products act as both an adhesive and sealant between two flanges. The liquid sealant completely fills the space between the flange surfaces, thereby preventing the escape of fluid materials or gases in composite machine parts or pipe connections. At the same time, adhesion to the flange surfaces enhances the strength of the assembly.

We company flange sealing products are applied as liquids, allowing them to fill and seal imperfections on metal flange surfaces. These sealants cure in the presence of metal and the absence of air to form a durable seal between components, with maximum face-to-face contact. In product flange sealants also eliminate corrosion and provide instant low-pressure seal on assembly. After full curing OODA Bond flange sealants will not shrink, crack or relax and they resist displacement better than conventional gaskets.

Advanced Gasketing Solutions:

Gaskets prevent leakage of fluids or gases by completely filling the space between the surfaces of the flanges. It is necessary for the seal to remain intact and leak-free for a prolonged time. The gasket must be resistant to the medium being sealed and able to withstand the application temperature, pressure and micromovement of the joint. Liquid gasketing sealants have been used for many years in automotive engineering as an alternative to solid gaskets.

FIP (Formed-In-Place) Gaskets are formed by the application of a bead or by screen print of liquid elastomer or anaerobic sealant, which is then assembled in the uncured state. On assembly, the sealant spreads between the flanges and is forced into surface imperfections to provide total contact between the two faces, and cures to form a durable seal. Unlike conventional gaskets, FIP technology does not require extreme compressive loading to form a seal, due to the adhesion of the cured FIPG to all the members in the joint.

Our Applications:

Cured In Place:

Gaskets applied on a substrate and left in place to cure where they are going to be used.

Formed In Place:

A liquid gasket material that spreads and cures between parts filling gaps, scratches, and surface irregularities to provide a durable seal.

  • Non-Rigid Flange (Silicone and Polyacrylate)
  • Allows vibrational movement between flanges.
  • Rigid Flange (Anaerobic and Polyacrylate)
  • Seals rigid machined or casted flanges.

Gasket Sealant Dressings:

A liquid or semi-solid material that is designed to seal, dress or coat and also hold gaskets in place for assembly.

Industrial Gasketing:

Any of a wide variety of seals or packings used between matched machine parts or around pipe joints to prevent the escape of a gas or fluid in manufacturing applications.

Industrial Anaerobic:

Adhesives and gaskets which cure in prescence of metal and absence of air. Derived from methacrylates.

  • Industrial Silicone (Flexible) - Heat Cure
  • Flexible sealant cured by heat.
  • Industrial Silicone (Flexible) - RTV
  • Flexible high temperature sealant cured by moisture in the air.
  • Industrial Silicone (Flexible) - Light Cure
  • Flexible sealant cured by light.


  • OODA Reduces inventory by using one product for all designs
  • OODA Flows to fill all surface voids and irregularities
  • OODA Eliminates gasket relaxation and creep
  • OODA Prevents gasket displacement and slippage
  • OODA Provides instant seal
  • OODA Excellent chemical resistance
  • OODA Seals to withstand high pressure when fully cured

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