Foundary Chemicals

Foundary Chemicals

OODA Bond release Lubricants specifically intended for foundry work with non-ferrous alloys: pressure, gravity, low-pressure and squeeze casting. To meet the needs of non-ferrous metal foundries, OODA Bond has formulated and developed a range of lubricants to cover all foundry processes in permanent moulds:

  • Pressure casting
  • Gravity casting
  • Low-pressure casting
  • Squeeze casting

Intended for shaping of non-ferrous alloys, our development criteria have been established to provide:

  • Better productivity
  • Extended lifetime for tools
  • Improvement in the quality of the parts
  • A reduction in waste and processing costs
  • Improved safety of equipement, people and the protection of the environment

Focused on the environmental requirements and productivity criteria of its customers, CONDAT offers a range of process lubricants covering all needs:

  • Mould-release agents with different chemistries:
  • White die-coatings including a new generation of coating for pressure casting (without formaldehyde)
  • Water-free die-coatings
  • Graphite die-coatings
  • Refractory, semiconducting die-coatings
  • Protection pastes for ladles and ingot moulds
  • Solid- or liquid-based lubricants for injection pistons
  • Liquid lubricants or pastes for production start-up
  • Aerosols with and without graphite

Tyres Industry Chemicals:
Our Company are developed with the goals of helping our customers produce higher quality parts while improving their efficiency, reducing waste and lowering their overall production costs. In addition, our process aids are backed by 10 years of experience supporting manufacturing customers around the world.

Release Agents
Release Agents Improve Manufacturing Efficiency, Reduce Overall Cost
Release agents are an integral part of many manufacturing processes. They are often necessary, but are not frequently understood for the value that they can add. Specialty release agents can enhance productivity, extend tool/die/mold life, increase cycle times, improve part/surface quality and reduce scrap and defect rates, just to name a few of the many potential benefits.

OODA is a global leader in the development of value-adding specialty release agents. We offer an expansive portfolio of release agents tailor-made for many different industrial applications. Our line of release agents includes water-based and solvent-based products as well as silicone and silicone-free products in semi-permanent or apply-every-cycle product formulations. We develop specialized products based on the needs of our customers and the markets they serve. Our focus is on providing release agents that create value for our customers by not only providing solutions to overcoming their manufacturing challenges, but by also leveraging the power that release agents offer to improve operational efficiencies and product quality.

OODA Bond broad portfolio of conventional release agents has been developed to address the specific requirements of a wide range of applications and processes.

OODA Bond semi-permanent release agents offer the potential for significant efficiency gains.

OODA Bond silicone-free release agents can reduce post-molding processes, providing an opportunity for users to become more efficient and reduce production costs.

Casting Lubricants:
OODA is an established leader in the development and manufacture of high efficiency casting lubricants
Our products are used around the globe by large and small producers of metal casted parts. We help our customer produce higher quality parts more cost effectively.

  • Die Lubricants

    Our extensive portfolio of Die Lubricants for High Pressure Casting is indicative of our position as a global industry leader.

  • Plunger Lubricants

    Our portfolio of specialized plunger lubricants help improve efficiency and save money.

  • Tire Manufacturing Aids:

OODA Bond is the world leading expert in the field of chemical molding aids for tire manufacturing
We work with the world largest tire manufacturers along with local and regional companies. Our products help tire producers produce more efficiently with lower scrap and defect rates.

  • Tire Paints:

    OODA is the world leader in the development and production of high performance tire paints.

  • Bladder Coatings:

    OODA has led the industry in developing coatings that extend bladder life, reduce tire production defects and help reduce manufacturing costs.

  • Mold Coatings

    OODA tire mold coatings add value by helping to minimize mold fouling, aiding in rubber flow, supporting the release qualities of the tire paints to make the release of the tires from the mold easier and enhancing finished tire appearance.

  • Other Process Aids

OODA Bond decades of experience in the field helping companies produce parts through a variety of different processes have lead it to develop a broad portfolio of manufacturing process aids. These products work hand-in-hand with release agents to improve the customer end product quality while reducing scrap and helping improve their bottom line.

  • Molding Aids

    See how our broad portfolio of "release system" components, working in conjunction with each other, helps our customers produce higher quality parts, more efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Purge Compounds

    Our purging compounds reduce thermoplastic color changeover time and reduce waste: resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Ancillaries for Die Casting

    The die casting process is challenging one, pushing equipment to extremes on a daily basis. OODA Bond ancillaries for the die cast industry support in maintaining equipment in optimal condition, helping to avoid unplanned downtime and keeping machine utilization rates up. 

  • Ancillaries for Polyurethane Molding

    Our greater than 50 year history of activity in the polyurethane molding industry has allowed us to develop specialized ancillary products that address common challenges faced by those working with polyurethane.

  • Ancillaries for Wood Fiber Pressing

    Today wood fiber pressing mills face increasing challenges due to a changing regulatory and market environment. OODA Bond works continuously to develop new technologies to help panel and engineered wood product producers address those challenges.

Composite Molding

  • Semi-Permanent Release Systems
  • Conventional Release Systems
  • Internal Mold Releases
Die Casting
  • Die Lubricants
  • Plunger Lubricants
  • Ancillary Products
Friction Products
Polyurethane Molding
  • Mold Release Agents
  • Ancillary Molding Products
Rubber Molding
  • Semi-permanent Release Agents
  • Conventional Release Agents
  • Mold Protectors
Thermoplastic Processing
  • Purge Compounds
  • Mold Maintenance Products
  • Mold Release Agents

Tire Curing / Vulcanization

  • Inside Tire Paints
  • Outside Tire Paints
  • Tire Mold Coatings
  • Tire Curing Bladder Coatings

Tire Retreading
Tool Maintenance / Mold Making

  • Composite Manufacturing
  • Die Casting Operations
  • Rubber Molding
  • Thermoplastic Processing
  • Veneer Stone / Concrete

Veneer Stone / Architectural Concrete
Wood Fiber Composites / Panel Pressing

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