OODA instant adhesive are ideal for bonding materials such as metal, rubber, composite, plastic, silicone and many more substrates. New formulations continue to eliminate design challenges encountered by engineers trying to bond difficult plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE, and other polyolefins. Permabond's high performance industrial cyanoacrylate adhesives that are available provide very fast set times, a range of viscosity choices as well as non-blooming / low odor formulations, and products with very high temperature resistance.

Cyanoacrylates are a family of strong fast-acting adhesives with industrial, medical, and household  applications

The OODA range of cyanoacrylate adhesives are one-component, solvent-free instant adhesives designed to bond a wide range of materials.  Ooda  cyanoacrylate adhesives offer extremely fast cure speeds on a wide variety of substrates which include plastics, metals, ceramics and rubbers. We offer a comprehensive range of grades including :

  • Standard Ethyl grades
  • Modified Ethyl grades
  • Alkoxy-Ethyl grades - Low odour, low bloom grades
  • Rubber toughened grades

Our range of cyanoacrylates provide assemblies with excellent mechanical properties. To cover all applications, our range includes different viscosities, formulations and product specifications. The ooda range of Cyanoacrylates are the result of years of development work. Cyanoacrylate applications are extremely diverse and are used in industry sectors such as medical devices, cosmetics, rubber, automotive and electronics. When bonding difficult materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene, certain silicone elastomers and PTFE, we recommend the use of a primer to improve the speed and strength of bonding. Our range of cyanoacrylate adhesive activators will significantly improve the ROC (rate of cure). Activators should only be used where cure speeds are slow as they reduce final bond strength.


  • Fast Cure
  • Bonds all surfaces and also PP TO NYLON
  • Easy to dispense
  • Temperature -90+125
  • Available n 20gm and 250gm and 1kg pack sizes
  • Expiry 12 Months

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