marine chocking compound

marine chocking compound

OODA chocking compound is a specially formulated 100% solids, two component inert filled casting compound developed for use as a chocking or grouting material. chocking compound is designed to withstand severe marine and industrial environments involving a high degree of both physical and thermal shock. The compound is non shrinking and has very high impact and compressive strength.


chocking compound was developed as a chocking or grouting compound for use under marine main propulsion machinery. The compound is used under diesel and gas engines, reduction gears, generators, compressors, pumps, bearing blocks, crane rails and numerous other applications.


  • Superior permanent alignment...assures a significant reduction in damage to crankshafts, crankcases and bearings.
  • Precise & unsurpassed contact with bedplates...without costly machining.
  • Free flow of air under hot-running machinery...reduces foundation "humping" problems.
  • Fast, convenient installation without any time-consuming, expensive hand-fitting...minimal equipment downtime.
  • Resists degradation by fuels, lubricants & possibility of fretting or corrosion.

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