Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

OODA High Temperature ( upto 1500dec ) ceramic coatings is the industry leader in high temperature exhaust coatings. OODA Industries proudly introduces Ceramic HTC Range of  products are the World Class Leader in thin film ceramic coating applications for all kind of Industrial applications

Our producs are  improved hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity, all in a thinner application. We have accomplished this by developing an advanced resin technology that enables the incorporation of the highest performance engineered ceramics.

ceramic coating for  cement  industry is major applications used , and is particularly effective for uses in industries where high temperature resistance is essential. It has been tested to continue to provide protection from slag adhesion as well as chemical resistance and continued strong adhesion up to temperatures of 1800oC and 2800oC depending application your industry is required, making it ideal for uses in combustion chambers, kilns and furnaces.


  • OODA Bond Reduces slag adhesion
  • OODA Bond Seals cracks preventing heat loss, considerably saving heat energy and reducing fuel cost
  • OODA Bond Considerably increases service life of refractory linings and thermal heating systems
  • OODA Bond Can be applied and used in lots of different industries and on lots of different components
  • OODA Bond Excellent resistance to powdering
  • OODA Bond Forms gas-tight surface
  • OODA Bond Odourless and non-hazardous
  • OODA Bond Proven ability through previous case studies


  • Cement plant Kiln and Furnace door maintenance and repair.
  • Cement plant Kiln and Furnace wall / floor repair
  • Industrial - Protection linings for industrial incinerators and boilers
  • Indstrail -Protection linings for domestic log burners and wood fired stoves
  • Process and Chemical plant process improvement
  • Metal process - Crucible protection in molten metal production
  • Cement plant Kiln repair and protection
  • Metal industry Tundish lining repairs in molten metal production
  • Cement plant coating of cement furnace burner pipe
  • Cement plant inside of metal chimneys to protect from flue gases
  • Cement plant High temperature corrosion and erosion protection

Our Product performance Test Passed:

  • Exceeds 11 h scratch and gouge hardness (ASTM D33630)
  • Taber abrasion greater than 12000 wear cycles per mil (ASTM D4060)
  • Corrosion resistance more than 6000 hours (ASTM B117)
  • Direct and indirect impact resistance of 260 in-lbs. (ASTM D2794)
  • 0mm coating loss at 280* mandrel bend (ASTM D522)
  • Coefficient of Friction rivaling Teflon at 0.0010 (Steady-State Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Under Load)
  • Extremely high chemical resistance
  • Distinctive high-end look and feel you have to experience to believe.
  • Easy application, single coat, and oven cured.and Normal cure available
  • Industry leading consistency in color, mil thickness and finish.
  • Compatible with more substrates than any other competitive finish.

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