Break Shoe Gluv

Break Shoe Gluv

Phenol-formaldehyde adhesives (usually called phenolic resins for short) cure at temperatures between 212 and 285oF (100 and 140°C) depending on the composition of the adhesive. During the cure, water is liberated from the adhesive. As the curing process requires temperatures above 212oF (100°C), the liberated water is present in gaseous form. In order to avoid foaming, phenolic resins are cured under pressure. Pure phenolic resins are very brittle and sensitive to peel stress.

That is why they usually contain additives to increase the elasticity. Modified phenolic resin adhesives generally give high bond stability and bonds with good mechanical properties. They also have good temperature stability. Phenolic resin adhesives are mostly used for wood structures that require resistance to water and weathering (boat adhesives) and for bonding wood in furniture manufacture. In addition they are used in the bonding of brake and clutch linings in vehicles.

CV Brake Linings Rigid moulded asbestos free brake lining material, having high coefficient of fricition and low rate of wear, ensures consistent performance even at high temperatures. GB-501T is designed to give maximum life and braking efficiency, smooth progressive braking and is suitable were high friction level is required.

CV Brake Pads Rigid and moulded asbestos free material, having high friction coefficient and low rate of wear. Its semimetallic composition allows to give maximum life and braking efficiency and smooth progressive braking. Garben Brake pads is the successful development of a material with the following characteristics: .free of poisonous heavy metals and heavy metal compounds. .constant coefficient of friction very good resistance to wearing.

Clutch Linings We are able to offer you different qualities of clutch linigs to cover all aplications in automotion and industry sector.

Brake Roll Linings We can offer several qualities of brake roll linings in order to cover all aplications for automotion and industry sector.

CV Lined Brake Shoes We have at your disposal a wide range of lined brake shoes for commercial vehicles: FRUEHAUF, BPW, LECIÑENA, PEGASO, MONTENEGRO, SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES, MAN, IVECO etc.

CV Brake Shoes We have at your disposal a wide range of brake shoes for commercial vehicles: BPW, FRUEHAUF, IVECO, MONTENEGRO, LECIÑENA, PEGASO, VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES, MAN, ROR etc.

Mold Release Agent: OODA Bond is a brand mainly engaged in all kinds of mold release technology research and production.Our core competitive products are mold release agents for Aluminum die casting,Polyurethane flexible foam,PU shoe soles,carbon fibre(CFRP) and glass fibre(GFRP). Over the years, the company always adhere to excellent quality and attentive service which has won the truth of our customers and favor.In order to improve productivity,the company has independent R & D team to provide tailor-made solution for the customer and to achieve a win-win situation

Graphite Based Mold Release Agent  MK-SM is graphite based lubricant for high temperature demoudling process.It is water based mold release agent and applicable for heat and cold forging,high temperature casting, steel hot rolling,and other foundry process.

Mould release agent for Zinc alloy die casting SAKURAI  MK-TH environmental-friendly zinc alloy mould release agent. It is water based release agent, suitable for many kinds of zinc alloy metal accessories. Do not contain HAP, PAHS and all kinds of heavy metals.

Mould Release Agent for Aluminum Die Casting Sakurai  MK-TP environmental protection type aluminum alloy mold release agent. Suitable forlarge complex die casting, auto parts, complex core pulling piece, complex LED radiator, radiator, largecommunication  of large pump etc.. Not contain

Mold Release Agent for Mobile Phone Medium Plate Die Casting Sakurai mold release agent MK-5000 is designed for mobile phone medium plate die casting.It is water based concentrate liquid and quality complys to ISO 9001:2008, mainly has performance of smooth surface and less water wave.

Water Based Gloss PU Release Agent MK-WB388 is designed for Polyurethane high gloss shoe soles.It can be diluted with purified water and sprayed on rotary machine.

Epoxy LED Mold Release Agent Release Agent MK-QB is external spraying type mold release oil for ​​​​​​​epoxy LED demoulding.

Water Based Mold Release Agent for PU Shoe Soles Sakurai  MK-WB308  water  based  PU upper sole  release agent,it  is our latest Recipe  and production process polymerization.

Mould Release Agent for Polyurethane(PU) High Resilience Foam PU High Resilience release agent compound is made by a variety of wax, high solid content, mainly used in car seats, headrests, rebound PU toys and other product components, especially for the 30-55 ℃ cold cure foam.

Mould Release Agent for Polyurethane(PU) Integral Skin The PU Intergral Skin Foam Release Agent is fluorine-modified methyl silicone resin and non-ion mircoemulsion.

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